Bird Brain: Good ol’ Gibby



Let me get this started by saying, I do not hate John Gibbons, in fact I wouldn’t mind tossing back some cold ones with the dude. However, I am not a fan of his nor do I believe the Toronto Blue Jays will win a World Series under his watch. His managerial record is a mere 644-614 which is not something to fucking get excited about.

According to reports, the new-ish Shatkins (Shapiro-Atkins) management team will be signing Gibby to a multi-year extension which will make him the longest tenured manager in club history if he is able to somehow stick around until the end of the deal. Honestly, I just want to fucking laugh what I just typed there.

…Okay, done laughing.

I am not sure how Gibby finessed his way into a multi-year deal, I assumed Shatkins would let him see this season through to the end and then make a change to a manager who has a better resume, younger and more hands on. Especially, given the young players that are already on the team and the ones that are on the cusp of becoming MLBers, I believe a manager who is more of a coach would be beneficial in the Blue Jays’ pursuit of a World Series. Also, because Gibby was a rehire (in 2008 he got fired midseason… if you don’t know, now you know) by Alex Anthopoulos; it was conceivable that Shatkins would bring in their own guy, as the Blue Jays would like to transition into a more younger, faster and higher average club in the coming years. So I guess my assumption has made me out to be an ass… for now.

However, I am certain Gibby’s laid-back style of managing will get exposed by the likes of Joe Girardi, Buck Showalter and dare I say John Farrell? Heck, even Kevin Cash (a former Blue Jay) has the Tampa Bay Rays playing pretty damn competitive baseball and all have proven they can groom young players into full time MLB players. Who has Gibby groomed? That is a question I ask Blue Jays fans from time to time and I still have not received an answer that can sway my opinion of the guy and please do not say Kevin Pillar. Gibby’s approach to the past season was not impressive, how many managers would have Joey Bats tweaking the batting lineup in order to spark the offense? Probably none. Also, if it was not for the otherworldly starting pitching Gibby received, his managerial skills would have come to light once again and this extension does not happen.

At this point, Gibby supporters are going be upset with my opinions and that is fine. I am not here to convince you of what I believe is right or wrong for the Jays but I am here to put you on notice.

…John Gibbons is not bringing Toronto a World Series.

(Please note: I try to catch every game during the season and I will be pointing out Gibby’s blunders.)



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