Bracket of Madness



As many of you may know every March of every year comes a tournament called “March Madness” which is THE premiere event the NCAA corporation (tell me it isn’t a corporation) holds for its college and university basketball programs. In this tournament if you do not already have a dog in this race you will find yourself rooting for schools you’ve never heard of or jumping on the old bandwagon of the popular, highly regarded and often televised schools. Speaking for myself, I like to check in on the teams with the top prospects in the upcoming NBA draft and I will tell you why.

When I am filling out my March Madness bracket, I tend to give the edge to the teams that have players who are on the cusp of entering the NBA. More often than not, it is the teams with the most NBA prospects that make it thru to the Elite Eight, Final Four and Finals. Who doesn’t want to the see the next big star take over the tournament headlines and generate some buzz? You can be damn sure I do. Something inside me wants to see Lonzo Ball just go berserk by breaking ankles and shooting the shit out of the gym! Imagine the garbage that will spew from Lamar Ball’s mouth after that. I know he’s made some crazy statements, but dammit the man is comically entertaining.

However, things tend to get a bit dicey in the Madness! Every year a group of young men with no star player decide it is time to make Vegas some dollars and picking which team will be sending home a top seed crying is literally a crap shoot. For someone like myself that does not follow NCAA basketball religiously these damn underdogs are a pain in the ass because I don’t see enough of these lower seeds to know how they play. I could go with what the pundits are predicting but I will not; I like to live dangerously.

Make sure you enjoy watching this tournament and don’t pull your hair out filling out your bracket… it’s not that serious. I will be posting my picks later today and hopefully I can pick the right underdog!

…Oh, and before I forget. Big up to my Canadian dudes reppin’ for the Maple Leaf during the tournament. There’s too many to name… 15 years ago who would have guessed there’d be too many Canadians to name in the March Madness?




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