Daylight Savings is a Motherf***er!


It is March 14th, 2017 and it’s snowing… Big deal right? I live in Greater Toronto Area a.k.a the GTA; I am supposed to be prepared for this shit! Well… when we ONLY have had 2 major snowfalls all winter, it becomes a BIG deal. On the bright side, spring is a week away. But, someone is still going to have to answer for my missing hour of sleep.

And with spring, comes a great time in sports. We’ve got March Madness about to start, the NHL and NBA seasons are dwindling down to their conclusions (PLAYOFFS?! Did someone say PLAYOFFS?!), the MLB is in full fledged spring training mode and we’ve got the WBC going on!…

Yeah, I said it… the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC is going on! Let me just say, it really fucking sucks that Team Canada was utter shit and is out of the tourney without winning a game or even coming close to winning one. But, what did I expect when we have a fucking 40-year old Ryan Dempster starting on the mound for 2 out of 3 games? The last time he pitched in the MLB was 4 years ago in 2013 when he put up an 8-9 record with a 4.57 ERA in 171+ innings pitched, mediocre at best. I certainly didn’t expect Canada to win the damn WBC, but we should have won at least one game and being a pain in the ass in the other two games would have been commendable.

The takeaway from this tournament is that Baseball Canada really has to look at ways to better grow the game and develop talent. Trotting out a pitching staff that lacks 2 or 3 legit MLB starters is embarrassing, unacceptable and cannot continue. After all, Canada has a relationship with baseball that is over 150 years old! Hopefully, in the next 4 years (if the tournament is still around) we will be able to field a more competitive team and not have to rely on the ghosts of Canadian baseball past.

(On a side note: I hope the Dominican Republic wins with Joey Bats bat flippin’ the fuck out of a Marucci!)

That’s all I got for now. I’ll be back (Arnie voice).





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